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Top 5 most beautiful deserts in China

2014-06-13 10:02:54



Birdview of Badain Jaran Desert in Inner Mongolia [Photo/China News Service]

Covering an area of 49,000 square kilometers, Badain Jaran Desert is the third largest desert in China and the forth largest in the world. It located in Araxan League of north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. With an area of 47,000 square kilometers, the desert has the tallest sand hill at over 500 meters, and is also known as the "Qomolangma of Deserts". There are numerous moon and pyramid-shaped sand dunes and many sand hills with an average height of 200 meters. Its odd peaks, sound-sand, lakes and springs are called the "four features" of Badain Jaran Desert.

Best travel time:Sept-Oct

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