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How to make Chinese gongfu tea

2014-05-12 09:03:38



To prepare Gongfu Tea, you need to own at least four pieces of equipment

Things to do before makeing it: a jug (to boil water), a stove (to heat water), a tea pot (made of pottery, very important) and several tea cups.

Step 1: Boil the water, but don't over-boil it!

(Tips: Take away the jug from the fire/stove as soon as it bubbles, otherwise the over-boiled water will decrease the flavour of the tea.)

Step 2: Shower the pot and the cups with boiled water, then fill half of the pot with tea leaves (oolong is preferred).

(Tips: Pour the boiled water into the pot. Wait a minute, then just pour the water out of the pot onto the cups. This procedure is called "washing the tea", which is said to clean the leaves.)

Step 3: Fill up the pot with boiling water, wait for a little while again, and then you can serve the tea.

The way to serve it is to pour the tea into the cups in a row quickly, back and forth, for the sake of having the same consistency in each cup. After the very last drop of tea flows in the cup, it's time to enjoy the rich, savoury and unique Gongfu Tea.

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