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Regimen: Restrictions in Cooking

2014-04-29 14:29:51



It is reported that human often have dull appetite during hot summer but consume much more energy and calories in hot summer than in autumn. Therefore, traditional Chinese medicine regards autumn as a right time for human to take in nourishments and conserve energy.

Traditional Chinese medicine regards autumn as a right time for human to take in nourishments and conserve energy.

There is a discipline of balanced diet for you. Due to the rapid pace of life, people pay less and less attention on healthy diet. Do NOT let fast food and takeaways become regular meals.

Foods listed below are in pairs. They would better not be cooked or taken at the same time.

1, bean curd and spinach

Bean curd and spinach should not be cooked together. Bean curd is also called Tofu, made by coagulating soy milk has a low calorie count, relatively large amounts of protein, and little fat. It is high in iron and, depending on the coagulant used in manufacturing, may also be high in calcium and/or magnesium. Oxalic acid in spinach reacting with calcium may cause indigestible problems.

2, carrots and radishes

Carrots and radishes should not be cooked together because ascorbic acid enzyme found in carrots may decompose the Vitamin in radishes.

3, pork and escargots

TCM believes that escargots are extreme cold in nature, while pork is sour and cool in nature. It is harmful to human's digestive system when people take in these two at the same time.

4, chestnuts and beef

Fixing is of great importance to dishes like steak. According to TCM, beef is sweet and warm in nature, nourishing spleen, stomach and Qi. However, chestnuts are not a good choice for steak fixing because when cooked together the Vitamin C in chestnuts and trace elements in beef have chemical reaction that may cause indigestible problem.

5, chicken and mustard

Do NOT add mustard on your chicken sandwiches because TCM believes the two foods that are warm and hot in nature respectively would better not take in at the same time; otherwise, too much heat makes the body vulnerable to disease like cold and flu.

6, egg and soy bean milk.

Eggs and soybean milk commonly served as breakfast in Chinese families. Actually, both egg and soybean milk are rich in protein and nutrients. However, when take in the two at the same time, too much protein is hard to digest.

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