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Four villages of Ning'er County included in the list of Chinese Traditional Villages

2014-04-15 09:24:23

(People's Daily Online)



According to the report of Pu'er News, Bangzha of Xuande Village of Mengxian Town, Shangxuande, and Kunlushan of Ning'er Town in Ning'er County of Pu'er City were included in the second List of Chinese Traditional Villages recently. Up till now, four villages, including Nakeli of Tongxin Town in the first list, have already registered as Chinese Traditional Villages.

Jointly launched by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Ministry of Culture, and Ministry of Finance, the List of Chinese Traditional Villages is aimed at promoting the protection and development of traditional villages. Traditional villages refer to the villages of high historical, cultural, scientific, artistic, social, and economic value with tangible cultural heritages and intangible cultural heritages. During the industrialization and urbanization process, Chinese traditional villages witness rapid decrease, and the trend becomes increasingly intensive.

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