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From the panda's mouth

2013-11-05 10:23:49

(China Daily)


A newly published English-language book, Hello, I'm Panda, reveals many little-known details of this rare animal. [Photo Provided to China Daily]

Author Tan Kai, a panda enthusiast, has written poems and stories about the adorable animal. Mei Jia speaks to him about his latest book, which has a panda telling the stories of her clan from a first-person perspective.

If pandas could talk, will anybody resist listening to the cute creatures?

"Dear friends, nice to meet you. I'm Panda Nini. My face is round just like a fat doll wearing sunglasses. My appearance makes me look like a naughty simpleton, and even a little clumsy. My butt twists when I walk. It's so funny! Why are we all black and white?"

Nini is the storyteller in Hello, I'm Panda, who tells the stories of her clan in a new book by Sichuan Children's Publishing House. It will be launched in English in the coming months.

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