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New Sichuan dishes for the autumn season

2013-09-12 10:50:38



September is one of the best months to be in Beijing as the hot summer ends and cooler weather commences. During this time, most people prefer rich and heavier food, and Sichuan cuisine is always a favorite choice.

Sichuan cuisine originated from Sichuan province and has a long history. It is popular all over the country and particularly famous for its fresh, spicy and hot flavors. However, with its profound historical and cultural foundation, Sichuan cuisine is recognized as a style of cooking among which “each specific dish has its own special flavor, and presents a variety of flavors altogether.” Therefore, it is a misconception of most people to define Sichuan cuisine only as spicy and hot.

According to the chef at the Global Trade Center branch of South Beauty, the new Sichuan cuisine gives a different twist to some classic dishes with a greater variety of ingredients. The food is not only spicy, hot and heavy, but also sweet and sour, and has more special flavors that people can enjoy.

Steamed Large Yellow Croaker with Chicken Gravy and Ginger

The yellow croaker from the East China Sea is rich in protein, minerals and vitamins. The fish is steamed with chicken gravy, making this dish an exceptional delicacy while retaining the yellow croaker’s original flavor.

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