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Pandora is Far, but Zhangjiajie is Near


If you are a first-time visitor to Zhangjiajie, don’t worry about getting lost. As the locals say, if you get lost you can always get help from Zhangjiajie’s policemen, who will help you find your destination.

Zhangjiajie is home to nearly 33 ethnic minority groups, each of them with its own distinctive folk culture. To have a smooth journey in Zhangjiajie, you must first learn the taboos of these ethnic people.

The number 36 is considered taboo by the Tujia people because they believe “36” is associated with inexorable doom. On people’s 36th birthdays, they wear red underpants or a red belt round the waist to ward off bad luck or evil things.

In Tujia culture, men and women can neither sit at the same bench nor even sit face to face. Men are also forbidden from touching a woman’s waist, spitting in front of others or growing a beard.

Men’s heads are also very sacred in Tujia culture, so it is forbidden to touch them, as a male head is considered a symbol of dignity which must never be violated.

Aside from the fantastic mountains and wonderful landscape, Zhangjiajie also has many appealing folk cultures just waiting to be explored!

By  Feng Hui

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