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Pandora is Far, but Zhangjiajie is Near


When you walk out from Dayong Town and turn left for about 200 meters, you will find the Puguang Buddhist Temple (or White sheep Ancient Temple). This temple was built in an ancient and solemn style. No matter how noisy the outside is, when you step inside the temple, you will feel a sense of peace. The interior is filled with beautiful and fantastic designs drawn from various strains of Chinese mythology. Its stair railings are engraved with the Eight Immortals of Chinese Taoist legend. A well lies at the center of the floor, which is carved with an image of a dragon head, and the well is brilliantly designed to form the dragon’s eye. Building the well in the temple was not only convenient for the Buddhists’ lives, but also for the prevention of fires. To incorporate the well into a dragon head-shaped relief sculpture makes it harmonious with the temple.

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