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Pandora is Far, but Zhangjiajie is Near


As a tourist city, Zhangjiajie has fantastic transportation. Countless planes and trains bring visitors from around country to Zhangjiajie. In particular, the one-stop flight from Seoul to Zhangjiajie has been playing an important role in attracting Korean tourists, who have become the largest quotient of foreign visitors in Zhangjiajie. Travelling in Zhangjiajie, you can take a bus or taxi to the tourist spots without spending too much money. Small as Zhangjiajie is, if time permits, you can even stroll around its downtown area to enjoy some sightseeing.

Dayong Town, in downtown Zhangjiajie, is a cultural site with unique local culture, offering visitors the live performances, special products, costumes and foods of the local people. Visitors also can participate in whatever activities they would like to. As you stroll along the street in Dayong Town, some small but special stores will pull you in, and even if you don’t buy anything, the storekeepers will still give you a friendly smile. To enrich visitors’ light life, there is also a bar street in Dayong Town, showing that Zhangjiajie is not only beautiful but also modern.

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