Activities for Jews held in China Cultural Center in Tel Aviv

Updated: 2019-04-03 16:06

China Cultural Center in Tel Aviv on Monday evening launched activities to mark the friendship between Chinese people and Jews.

An exhibition of about 50 photos was staged. The majority of the photos were taken by Karl Friedmann who was born in Vienna in 1902 and lived in north China's Tianjin Municipality for 10 years from 1938 to 1948.

Friedmann's son Daniel and daughter Rina, born in Tianjin, provided these photos for the exhibition.

Through the photos, visitors could learn something about what happened during Friedmann's stay in Tianjin and what their life looked like.

Daniel, Rina and their family members attended the event, along with about 100 Jewish people.

Daniel told Xinhua that he had visited Tianjin for four times over the past 20 years and saw the great changes of Tianjin.

"The relationship between Israel and China will get stronger and stronger because we have a lot of commons," Daniel said.

The photo exhibition will last for more than a month and is expected to attract more Jews.

As an important part of the activities, Tianjin Symphony Orchestra played string quartet. Four musicians from the orchestra will continue to bring more Chinese traditional music on Tuesday.