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'Happy Chinese New Year' symphonic works collection campaign underway

2014-08-21 17:49:21

( By Zhang Dongpu


The “Happy Chinese New Year” symphonic works collection campaign press conference. [Photo/]

The Bureau for External Cultural Relations, Ministry of Culture in China launched “Happy Chinese New Year - symphonic works collection campaign” to build a platform for exchange between Chinese contemporary music and the world. They planned to collect 10 symphonic works every year to recommend to international philharmonic orchestras and overseas partners. The campaign seeks to further expand the influence of "Happy Chinese New Year".

The 2014 symphonic works collection campaign runs from Aug 20 to Nov 10, during which time the famous conductor Yu Long will be the chairman of the Organizing Committee. The renowned conductor Hu Yongyan and the famous music critics Yang Yandi, Wang Anguo and Ju Qihong will also hold important posts in the Organizing Committee and the Judging Panel. Ten works selected this year will be presented to the public at a world premiere symphony concert in the end of the year.

Seventy million people from 321 cities in 112 countries and regions participated in a "Happy Chinese New Year" event in 2014. Focusing on the interpretation of the theme, "joy, harmony, dialogue and sharing", it impressed people with the concept of "the festival of nature, family and the world ".

Deputy Secretary of the Bureau for External Cultural Relations, Ministry of Culture, Xie Jinying delivered a speech. [Photo/]

The New York Philharmonic launched the first celebration of the Chinese Lunar New Year-the Dragon New Year's Concert in New York in 2012. It embodied high artistic quality and bore deep humanistic significance, which drew the attention of the mainstream social media from many countries. At present, the Chinese New Year concerts held by overseas mainstream symphony orchestras are growing with rising enthusiasm. According to preliminary statistics, 14 famous overseas orchestras, including the New York Philharmonic, London Philharmonic Orchestra and Melbourne Symphony Orchestra are planning to hold "New Year concerts" during the 2015 Chinese New Year Festival.

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