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Beijing to build 20 cultural, creative clusters

2014-07-01 09:18:10



Cultural industry [Photo/]

The city of Beijing will build 20 industrial clusters to promote the cultural industry by 2020, according to two official plans which have set a goal on the industry's contribution to GDP as well.

Planned on about 442 square kilometers, these clusters will integrate a total of 30 industrial zones and parks with the cultural resources in all districts and counties of Beijing, hoping to raise the increment of those industries’ contribution for its GDP to 15 percent by 2020, about 2.7 percent higher than that of this year.

Also, it is the first time for the city to classify the cultural and creative industry into three categories — the traditional, the competitive, and the integrated.

Traditional cultural and creative industries refer to culture and arts, broadcasting, film & television, and publications, and the competitive one features advertisements and exhibitions, transaction of artworks, and design.

The integrated cultural and creative industry, which can be further divided into more specific classifications, including comic and animation games and mobile Internet applications, focuses on the combination between culture and other fields, such as finance and technology.

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