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Review and Evaluation

2014-04-18 10:24:34



Coverage on the “Happy Chinese New Year” event on digitized traditional media has seen a steady increase:668 articles in 2010,1225 articles in 2011, 1561 articles in 2012 and 1638 articles in 2013. The volume of media conerage varies according to the dates of events annually.

The searching results of coverage on the “Happy Chinese New Year” events from 2010 to 2013 in English and Chinese languages have shown that countries (excluding regions) whose mother tongue or official language in English represent the majority in coverage, with the U.S. ranking the 1st.

Position. In 2013 for instance, the tone of coverage in January, February and March is as follows:20,24 and zero negative reports; 153,283 and 21 neutral reports:361,534 and 11 positive reports; and 37, 164 and 4 indefinable reports by computer. Among the total of 1612 reports, there are 44 negative reports (2.7%), 457 neutral reports (28.3%), 906 positive reports (56.2%) and 205 indefinable reports by computer (12.7&).

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