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1st Chinese International Ballet Festival ends

2013-12-27 10:03:25



New Year ballet Spring Festival by the Central Ballet of China was performed on stage December 22 at Beijing’s Tianqiao Theater. Cai Wu, president of China's Ministry of Culture, attended the performance. Along with receiving a warm applause from the audience, Spring Festival, the first Chinese-international ballet festival which began November 1, ended successfully.

Spring Festival was adapted from the ballet music of The Nutcracker composed by Tchaikovsky, which premiered in 2000. This ballet integrates Chinese cultural elements with western ballet music, and tells the story of a Chinese family celebrating Spring Festival. In December 2010, the Central Ballet performed a new revision in an attempt to show the rich and colorful Chinese folk customs to the audience accompanied with Tchaikovsky's music, to express the exploration of the cultural integration between Chinese and western culture by using Chinese ballet dancers.

Feng Ying, the leader of the Central Ballet Group of China said, “14 Classic dramas were performed on this stage and 37 shows were presented on the stage, with audience attendance reaching 60,000.” This ballet season also launched the World Ballet Culture exhibition at the 50th anniversary of the Tianqiao Theatre, and hosted Chinese and foreign lectures by ballet professionals. There were also some special performances for primary school students such as Swan Lakel.