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Chinese arts activity to be staged in Cambodia

2013-10-28 17:24:41



"China Today Arts Week", an art exchange activity is to be staged here Nov. 2-8 to celebrate the 55th anniversary of China-Cambodia diplomatic relations and to promote cultural ties between the two countries, officials said Friday.

More than 40 Chinese artists will perform a series of Chinese traditional songs, dances, acrobatics, and performances in the capital of Cambodia during the "China Today Arts Week", Cao Yuguang, deputy chief of the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles Division of Asian Affairs International Liaison Department said Friday.

Besides, six renowned Chinese movies will also be screened.

"This will be the first time that the China Today Arts Week comes to Cambodia," he told a news conference. "The event aims to celebrate the 55th anniversary of China-Cambodia diplomatic relations and to further promote cultural ties between the two countries."

The performance will be held in the evenings of Nov. 4 and 5 at the capital's Chaktomuk Theater and the films on Nov. 3-7 at the Lux Cinema.

Cao said the movies included The Smile of Angkor, The Piano In a Factory, Mother, Love On Gallery Bridge, Thangs Ka, and Immortal Love.

The Smile of Angkor featured the marvel of the ancient Angkor Wat temple, Cambodia's World Heritage Site, and the natural landscapes in and around the temple, he said.

"All the films had been dubbed into Khmer language so that Cambodian people can freely enjoy the movies," he said, adding that tickets are for free.

Li Zhigong, political counselor at the Chinese Embassy to Cambodia, said the culture exchanges were very important to strengthen mutual understanding and create closer ties between the two peoples.

China Today Arts Week will be the largest and most inclusive of its kind in the history of cultural exchanges between Cambodia and China.

Samrang Kamsan, Secretary of State at the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts, said the event will enable the peoples of the two countries to better understand each other's respective cultures, customs and traditions.

"This will be another milestone in Cambodia-China cultural ties, " he said at the news conference. "Cambodian and Chinese artists will have a chance to meet and exchange their experiences."

In exchange, Samrang Kamsan said 35 Cambodian artists, led by Cambodian Minister of Culture and Fine Arts Phoeung Leakhana, will start a weeklong art performance and Khmer movie screening in Guangzhou, southern China on Nov. 21-27.