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Beijing attracts cultural investment from Hong Kong

2013-10-23 13:51:53

(China Daily) By


Four deals worth 175 million yuan (28.2 million U.S. dollars) in the cultural and creative industries will be signed at the 17th Beijing-Hong Kong Economic Cooperation Symposium, which will open in Beijing on Wednesday. Under these deals, enterprises from the cultural and creative industries in Beijing and Hong Kong will cooperate on projects to build creative cultural zones and create digital films.

The Beijing Cultural and Creative Industry Promotion Center will promote a total of 105 culture-related projects in Beijing at the two-day symposium. These projects, with a total investment amount of more than 50 billion yuan (8.06 billion U.S. dollars), cover building the Tianqiao Performance Center, the core area of the National Digital Publishing Base, an online art auction payment system and producing the 3D HD animation "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms."

Beijing has published a total of 370 investment projects in more than ten industries, including the cultural and creative industries, and production services and trade, to attract more investment from Hong Kong.