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Bed goddess worshiping in Taiwan

2013-08-13 18:09:37



In Taiwan, in addition to worshiping the goddess Chitniumar for Double Seven Festival, people also prepare a small ball of sticky rice and worship the bed goddess in their bedrooms, which has a similar purpose to worshiping Chitniumar.

Giving birth and raising children are women's responsibilities, so only female gods can be in charge of these responsibilities. There is a close connection between goddesses and female believers, so that women's anxiety and fear when assuming their female responsibilities will be dissolved. Bed goddess is the guardian of children, and July 7 is her birthday. Families who have children should worship the bed goddess at the bed of the children at nightfall, and the tributes should include sticky rice, sesame oil chicken, and the burning of "Si Fang Jin" and "bed goddess's clothes".

The worship should not last too long, and do not require pouring wine three times as normal worships do. People just need to place the tributes, lighting the incense, and then they can burn the "Si Fang Jin" and "bed goddess's clothes". After the burning, tributes can be removed. People hope that their children will grow up soon, and if they worship the bed goddess for too long, she would spoil the children so that they want to sleep late in the morning.

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