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'Wei' Selected China's Character of The Year for 2012



Japan's Kanji Aptitude Testing Foundation has recently announced "kin", meaning gold, as its kanji of the year for 2012 and Singapore chose "se", meaning color, as the state's character this year. The selection activity for outstanding characters and events hosted by China's New Weekly magazine first launched an activity in Qingdao on Dec. 16, singling out China's character of the year.

Chinese character "wei", which means micro, was chosen from the candidates, including "biao", "ning", "xi", "guo", "lai", and "qu", as China's character of the year in 2012. The recommendation commission of the activity thought that it best summarizes the events happened in 2012. "Wei" refers to micro-blog, micro-public welfare and weixin of China, implies the tiny but great power of 152 migrant workers saving people in the rainstorm of Beijing and also symbolizes the underprivileged social group.

"'Wei' stands for you and me, and refers to every ordinary individual promoting social progress." CCTV host Bai Yansong said on the awards ceremony of the activity.

The 10 key phrases of the year 2012 in China are the 18th CPC National Congress, the Diaoyu Islands, Are You Happy, Hong Kong, the rainstorm in Beijing, A Bite of China, Voice of China, Mo Yan, 2012, and Gangnam Style.

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