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Traditional Reading Versus Digital Reading



The Internet also has some limitations for users. For example, older people have difficulty learning about and using computers and children sometimes are restricted from using the Internet to stop them from accessing adult content. In remote and impoverished regions, computers and the Internet are less popular, making online reading less available.

Another drawback of online reading is that people reading on the Internet might not have the patience to immerse themselves if they easily distracted by videos, audios and pictures. When so much information floods the eyes and ears, a reader might lose focus on the text and just scan pages, instead.


Yao said that when you read a beautifully designed and bound traditional book, you can feel the softness of the paper and smell the fragrance of the printing ink, which is a pleasurable experience not possible with digital reading.

Wang Guang, a professor at the College of Culture in Shenzhen, said reading traditional books can’t be replaced by online reading because reading books can inspire people’s imagination. If traditional reading dies out, a lot of the human talent for imagination will be lost, Wang said.

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