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Traditional Reading Versus Digital Reading


For digital reading material, just type in the search engine words for the title, author or other related information about the book to find it in minutes on the Internet. Sometimes one can even read the full content of an e-book free of charge and instantly discuss the book in an online forum.


Reading on the Internet, one can rapidly scan or carefully read the contents, and a lot of information such as explanations of terms, book reviews, and audios and videos can be easily obtained on the Internet to help you read thoroughly.

According to an official of the General Administration of Press and Publication of the People’s Republic of China, the popularity of traditional books will gradually decrease in 5 years to 10 years. Nowadays, people spend more time sitting in front of computers, but less time reading books. Also, since the price of traditional books is increasing, digital reading often is the cheapest alternative for readers.


Yao Boyue, vice director in charge of the ancient book department at the library of Peking University, said he believes people will still benefit from the vast array of traditional reading choices. Yao said many of the latest published books and academic books usually can’t be found on the Internet because of the protection of intellectual property right. Thus, the books you really need might not be available in digital formats, he said.

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