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Traditional Reading Versus Digital Reading


Bones, bronze ware, stones, bamboo, silk and paper used to be the ingredients for pages of traditional books.


Nowadays, papers have become the common ingredient for reading around the world. With the fast development of computer and Internet technologies, traditional print-on-paper books are being challenged by the growing popularity of online reading of e-books.


What is more enjoyable, reading a traditional book or scanning pages on the Internet? Experts and readers have different opinions.

Xiao Weidong, director of the digital library service department at Shenzhen Library, said he believes that online reading, or E-reading, will become a major trend.

Digital reading includes online reading of news, blogs, Twitter messages, e-books and e-zines (electronic magazines). In addition to words and pictures, digital reading also enriches content with audio and video features, making reading more entertaining.


What’s more, digital devices can be quicker to obtain and use. To find a traditional book involves spending time and money buying it in a bookstore, or ordering it online and waiting for its arrival by traditional delivery services.

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