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Poly Art Museum2014-04-28
The first museum operated by a State-owned enterprise on the Chinese mainland. Most objects in its collections were recovered from abroad.
Beijing Jintai Art Museum2014-04-28
Yuan Xikun, painter and commissioner of the National Committee of the CPPCC (Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference), founded the museum.
Seeking existing prince mansions in Beijing2014-04-28
The Prince's Mansion culture is an important part of traditional Chinese culture, which bridges imperial culture and normal citizen culture.
Top 10 haunted places in Beijing2014-04-23
Are you an atheist? Do you believe that ghosts really exist? As a city with a rich past, Beijing has quite a few spooky places that are thought to be haunted by the deceased. While some of the stories are groundless and have no actual proof, the sheer bone-chilling factor attached is enough to make the place attractive in a mysterious sense.
Jinyu Hutong2014-04-23
Situated at the Dongcheng district, Jinyu Hutong connects Dongdanbei Avenue to the east with Wangfujing Avenue in the west. Lying next to the commercial area of Wangfujing, the hutong lies next to big brand hotels and large shopping centers.
Mao'er Hutong2014-04-23
Running west to east from Di'anmenwai Avenue to Nanluoguxiang, Mao'er Hutong is situated in the Dongcheng district. First built in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), the hutong contains many traditional private gardens and famous former residences.
Extending from East Tian'anmen Square Road in the west to Chongwenmennei Avenue in the east, Dongjiaominxiang, over 3,000 meters long, is the longest hutong in Beijing and was called Beijing's "Embassy Row" in the early 20th century.
Exploring Beijing in 4 days2014-04-21
There are many ways to tour the Chinese capital. A better approach is to savor it like a stick of candied haws, one haw at a time and with long intervals to relish the flavor, rather than like a big apple that you bite off simply because it's good for you and will keep the doctor away.
Searching souvenirs in Beijing2014-04-09
72 hours of transit time might be too short to thoroughly entertain yourself, but it shouldn’t prevent you from recording your own Beijing memory or pleasing your relatives and friends.
Prepare to be amazed at caves2014-04-09
There are many theories about the caves bored out in the cliffs of Zhangshanying, reports Erik Nilsson, but they are certainly worth a visit.
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