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  Record Your Cultural Holiday!  

China’s 62nd birthday is coming. During the celebration, many people in China will enjoy a long holiday and people outside of China may experience colorful cultural activities celebrating the event. You may visit cultural heritages in China, travel across cities, go to a museum, gallery, join in cultural activities, watch a show/play/movie related to China, experience folk traditions, communicate with local people, listen to Chinese songs, learn to write Chinese calligraphy, chat with local Chinese, or even do volunteer work in the Chinese community.

Pleases record your experiences and feelings during the national holiday (from late September to late October is acceptable). Use the above-mentioned examples or anything else you can think of that impressed you the most and use your camera or keyboard to document the occasion. Help us dive deep into China’s history and culture and feel the various cultural aspects of China IN YOUR EYES.

What we need:

Your photos with captions (who, when, where, what) or articles written by you about your experience.

Where to send your submissions:

chinaculture@chinadaily.com.cn, along with YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION


October 30th.


If selected, your work will be highlighted on the website and shared with readers all around the world. Authors of the Top 10 photos or articles will be awarded specially-designed China Daily souvenirs.

We are looking forward to your participation!

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