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· Fireworks to celebrate national day
· Hong Kong celebrates National Day in joyous tone
· China celebrates National Day
· Tibetans celebrate National Day of China
· Sun Yat-sen-led revolution commemorated as Chinese celebrate National Day holiday
· China's retail, catering sectors grow 17.5 pct y-o-y over National Day "Golden Week"
· Tourism sees surge for National Day
· Cities prepare for returning vacationers
· China in holiday mood as National Day coming
· 1911 Revolution Museum to open during National Day
· Boom in overseas trips during up-coming Golden Week
· Chicago celebrates China' s National Day and future development
· Tian'anmen Square decorated to greet upcoming National Day
· Jiangsu prepares for National Day
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Boom in overseas trips during up-coming Golden Week
· How many national flags have been raised in Tian'anmen Square since the foundation of the PRC?
· 1949: Highlight of the PRC Founding Ceremony
· National Day Origins in Different Countries
· How is the time of the flag raising ceremony in Tian'anmen Square set?
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