Top 20 Facts:20

A saying popular in Beijing vividly expressed the holiday spirit of China’s Spring Festival, “Eat sticky candy on the twenty-third; sweep clean the house on the twenty-fourth; fry up tofu on the twenty-fifth; stew some mutton on the twenty-sixth; kill the rooster on the twenty-seventh; set dough to rise on the twenty-eighth; steam mantou buns on the twenty-ninth; stay up all night on New Year’s Eve; pay holiday visits on New Year’s Day”.

Top 20 Facts:19

Tangerines and oranges are the “lucky” fruits and the best presents during the Spring Festival as in Guangdong dialect, the words for tangerines and oranges sound like luck and wealth.

Top 20 Facts:18

The Chinese character “fu” is everywhere” during the festival.

Top 20 Facts:17

During Spring Festival, everyone goes back to their hometown and spends several days with family, and people hold many celebrations.

Top 20 Facts:16

Lantern Festival falls on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month.

Top 20 Facts:15

Jiaozi, shaped like the gold and silver ingots that served as money in ancient China, symbolizes achieving prosperity.

Top 20 Facts:14

On the fifth day of the new year, it is finally allowed to take out the garbage.

Top 20 Facts:13

From New Year’s Day through the fourth day of the new year, it was forbidden to do needlework, use scissors, or sweep the floor, which are just some of the various strictures and taboos surrounding this holiday.

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