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Keynote Speech at 2nd Conference of China, Japan and South Korea Culture Ministers

chinadaily 2013-10-31

Cai Wu

Minister of Culture, the People’s Republic of China

With a long and profound history of cultural exchanges, China, Japan and South Korea face the common tasks of strengthening cultural cooperation, and promoting harmonious development of regional politics, economy, culture and society

I would like to share with you some of my viewpoints on the direction, form, and content of China-Japan-South Korea cultural cooperation.

1. Strengthening cultural cooperation among China, Japan and South Korea is not only the sincere wish in this era of the three countries’ people, but also the necessary requirement of the regional political, economic, cultural and social development.

China, Japan and South Korea have different national conditions and diverse degrees of economic development, but the three countries have reached a consensus on the positive significance of culture in social development, and on the important role of the cultural exchanges and cooperation in promoting local peace and prosperity. This serves as a solid foundation for China-Japan-South Korea cultural cooperation.

China-Japan-South Korea cultural cooperation is a key component of their partnership. In our opinion, first, we should insist on development, second, we should focus on harmony.

Development is the requirement of the age. Development without cultural cooperation will separate the whole process of China-Japan-South Korea cooperation from a good momentum of sustainable and sound development

As an important concept in the oriental culture, the idea of harmony shows its light of wisdom once again during humans’ exploring a new type of interpersonal and international relations in the 21st century.

Pursuit of the harmonious development is a conclusion derived by contemporary Chinese people from the traditional philosophy and the lessons of modern history. We believe that the sustainable development of China-Japan-South Korea cultural cooperation is inseparable from harmony, which requires us to strengthen communication in cooperation, to coordinate all parties concerned, and to give adequate consideration to the comfort of all parties concerned in the process of project setting.

As a result, based on the idea of development and harmony, with a strong sense of responsibility and innovation of culture, China is willing to strengthen the cooperation with South Korea and Japan, grasp the direction of China-Japan-South Korea cultural cooperation, and make new contributions to the all-round development of regional cooperation.

2. Make full use of the existing mechanism and projects of China-Japan-South Korea cultural cooperation and make them play a positive role. In recent years, China-Japan-South Korea cultural cooperation has made considerable progress. China attaches great importance to the existing mechanism of China-Japan-South Korea cultural cooperation and its achievements. China hope to integrate the above mechanism and projects with South Korea and Japan, making them serve more effectively for overall cultural cooperation.

(1) The bilateral exchanges and cooperative relations in the fields of traditional culture and art are very close among China, Japan and South Korea. The three countries have established BESETO (an acronym of Beijing, Seoul, and Tokyo), a mechanism of regular exchanges, in many fields of art like fine arts, calligraphy, and Chinese opera, which has achieved good results.

China takes a positive attitude toward the further promotion and popularization of this mechanism. (2) In the fields of human resources training of culture and art, China, Japan and South Korea have conducted effective cooperation in setting up the ASEAN 10+3 cultural human resources training seminars.

China is willing to continue communicating with South Korea and Japan, and to explore together the feasible schemes of human resources training based on the China-Japan-South Korea cooperation.

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