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Spanish, Mandarin literature exchange gets a boost

In terms of published writing, there are few translations of works between the two languages. Luckily, that situation is set to change.

Globalization of Chinese culture becomes hot topic

As China interacts more with global society, the globalization of the country's culture has become an even hotter topic in academic cultural and communication studies.

The Promotion of Chinese Culture Forum

The Promotion of Chinese Culture Forum of Overseas Chinese TV Media was held in Beijing on Nov 16, 2012.

Demand for vocational education on the rise

With high demand for skilled labor in various industries, vocational education has become a potential focal point for cooperation between China and the ASEAN.

Taoists on a mission to promote ancient lore

Chinese Taoists will embark on a cultural exchange tour to Europe on Thursday to promote the philosophy, which they believe can encourage world peace and promote environmental protection.

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