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  Grand Songs of the Dong Ethnic Minority Group  


Also called "Galao" the Tong grand songs, called as such because they are sung by large groups of people, are a kind of folk music that originated in the Song Dynasty (960-1279). The songs are performed in male and female antistrophic form,and are usually sung during holidays in adrum toweror near a bonfire.

Grand songs have various types, mainly: the narrative style, mainly about story plots and persona dialogues; the lyric style, mainly about love between the two genders; morality style, mainly about religious and morality expostulations; and vocality style, mainly showing the beauty of musical melody; There are also etiquette-and-custom, drum-tower and local opera grand songs; According to different singers, there are grand songs for male, female and children's voice. They are all performed by well-trained chorus.

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The plan is part of a 17-year-long project that started last year to preserve unique folk arts, crafts, literature and traditions in China.

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