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Li Lanqing Seal Cutting Art Exhibition opens in South Korea

An art exhibition featuring seal-cutting and calligraphy by former vice-premier Li Lanqing opened on November 15 at the Seoul Arts Center in South Korea.

Titled Contemporary Chinese Seals by Li Lanqing, the exhibition featured 327 seals and brush-written calligraphy pieces chosen from more than 800 works made by Li. The exhibition was divided into five themes including Chinese Seals as Art, Chinese Culture, Admiration for World Culture, Contemporary China and Celebrating Life.

Li created 12 seals to reflect his admiration for Korean culture and Sino-Korea cooperation, such as “Arirang,” “Hallasan Mountain” and “The friendship will exist forever” in Chinese.

Seals have served as emblems of identity and authority in China for thousands of years. The exhibition may help people in Korea to become interested in Chinese seal-cutting, Chinese ink painting and calligraphy.

Highlight: Li Lanqing’s seals are both traditional and innovative, and shed new light on the vitality of seal-cutting. He has made a number of innovations in seal-cutting, expanding the range of content and the style of writing that is utilized. In addition to the exhibition, seminars and forums on Chinese seal-cutting, and a book donation ceremony were held to promote Sino-Korea exchanges.


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