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Chinese TV series are actively promoted overseas

At the Tokyo International Film Festival, Beautiful Daughter-in-law won the award for Best Foreigen TV series. It marked the second time that it has received overseas recognition since the forum of China-Japan-Korea television production was established.

Chairman Xi Jinping said,” Beautiful Daughter-in-law, a Chinese TV series, is broadcasted in Tansania which can let them know the Chinese people’s happiness and suffering.” Thanks to Xi’s words, this TV series has received Internet buzz.

It seems it is a normal TV series, but it has drawn plenty of attention. When talking about the reasons behind its international success, director Liu Jiang said it is because society is full of TV series about palaces, love and time-trave,l which can not receive audience approval But at the same time, the government encourages writers to create dramas which are close to real life. So, Beautiful Daughter-in-law has now appeared. Audiences from all over the world now have a better understanding of the happiness and suffering of a Chinese family as depicted through the story of Yu Wei and Mao Doudou.

Highlight: Beautiful Daughter-in-law is close to the real life. Considering the different habits of overseas audiences, the dialogue in the TV series has been changed to local dialects making easier for others to understand.


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