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Mandarin Greetings
You need Realone to listen to the Chinese New Year greetings.
过年 Spending the New Year
春节 Spring Festival
年三十 New Year's Eve
恭喜发财 May you be prosperous
新年进步 Progress in the New Year
新年快乐 Happy New Year
学业进步 Progress in Studies
生意兴隆 May your business be prosperous
龙马精神 Spirit of a dragon Horse
万事如意 May all go well with you
心想事成 Hope you get what you long for
拜年 Pay the New Year call


Lucky money
年夜饭 Family reunion dinner
金玉满堂 Fill one's house with gold and jade
岁岁平安 Peace all year round
和气生财 Harmony brings wealth
吉祥如意 Everything goes well
国泰民安 The country flourishes and people live in peace
招财进宝 Money and treasures will be plentiful
一帆风顺 Wishing you every success
步步高升 Promoting to a higher position
出入平安 Safe trip wherever you go




New Year Customs

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