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New Year Gala  

Traditional Shehuo performed across China to celebrate Lantern Festival
The Lantern Festival is a date marking the end of the 15-day Spring Festival, normally celebrated with performances of Shehuo, or traditional Chinese songs and dances across the country. (2011-02-18)

Modern Chinese celebrate Lantern Festival with downsized customs
The festival, which brings an end to the Spring Festival season, is held on the 15th day of the first month of the Chinese lunar calendar and this year it falls on Thursday. (2011-02-18)

Lantern Festival, the carnival for Chinese
If you thought the Lantern Festival of China is just a day for family reunions and eating some yuanxiao, then, you are wrong. It is actually the Chinese carnival. (2011-02-18)

Tradition Han costumes worn for Lantern Festival in Xi'an
A Lantern Festival celebration in observance of an ancient tradition was held at Xiaoyan Tower, a famous scenic spot in China's Xi'an, on the evening of Feb. 16. (2011-02-18)

Thousands light lamps to pray for blessings on Mountain E'mei
A large-scaled lamp-lighting and blessing ceremony was held in Dafo Temple on Mountain E'mei in southwestern China's Sichuan Province on Feb. 16. (2011-02-18)

The Project of Happy Chinese New Year well Received by Israeli Audience
The opening ceremony of the Project of Happy Chinese New Year was held in Beer Sheva Performing Arts Centre on February 13. (2011-02-17)

A small city's colorful life in Spring Festival holiday
In central China's Hubei province on the Jianghan Plain, there is a small city called Qianjiang with a population of just one million. Although they live in such a small city by Chinese standards, the residents there still enjoyed a rich and colorful celebration during this year's seven-day Spring Festival, or Chinese Lunar New Year. (2011-02-17)

Zhang Yimou's love story screens at Berlinale
Famous Chinese director Zhang Yimou's latest film "Under the Hawthorn Tree" opened Saturday to young audiences at the Berlin Film Festival. (2011-02-17)

New Year Customs

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