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New Year Customs  

Get sticky for the Spring Festival
Eating nian gao is a traditional custom in China during Spring Festival. But it's got slightly different names in different parts of China: nian gao, gao, mi gao, da gao,etc. (2011-01-31)

Year of the lucky rabbit
The Chinese zodiac is like the Western world's horoscope. Everybody has his own zodiac sign, represented by an animal, and every one of these animals has its own story. (2011-02-03)

Spring Festival phobia
Spring Festival is supposed to be a time for celebration, laughter and cheers. But it seems nowadays some of our citizens have become afraid of the most important festival of the year. (2011-01-31)

Potluck to welcome Year of the Rabbit
The Year of the Rabbit is around the corner. A special potluck was held this week to celebrate the festival in Qinan community of Xicheng District in Beijing. (2011-01-30)

The city of Beijing feels almost empty as soon as the Chinese New Year arrives, because the large migrant population have gone back home. But if you visit the temple fairs, you'll see another picture. (2011-01-27)

Carnival @ Laoshe Teahouse
Who says people go to teahouse only for tea? When the Spring Festival is coming closer, Laoshe Teahouse is offering you some festival specials. (2011-01-27)

New Year Customs

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