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Red Packet

Giving Red packet or Hongbao during the Spring Festival is a tradition in China.Red packets almost always contain money, usually varying from a couple of dollars to several hundred. Per custom, the amount of money in the red packets should be of even numbers, as odd numbers are associated with cash given during funerals (帛金 : Bai Jin). The number 8 is considered lucky (for its homophone for "wealth"), and $8 is commonly found in the red envelopes in the US. The number six (六, liù) is also very lucky as it sounds like 'smooth' (流, liú), in the sense of having a smooth year. Sometimes chocolate coins are found in the red packets.

It’s usually handed out to younger generation by their parents, grandparents or relatives. Children usually get red packets on New Year’s Eve after they give their new year’s wishes to there families.

Editor: Xu Xinlei

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