Tang Poetry: Going out to Enjoy the Spring  

By Cheng Hao (Song Dynasty)


(Source: nipic.com)

I play happily in the fields filled with beautiful and fragrant flowers; mountains in the distance are turning green in the spring.

Chasing after a red fallen petal, unconsciously I pass through an alley planted with willows; feeling tried, I rest on a lichen-covered stone, facing the clean spring.

Do not refuse this cup of wine which is full of sincerity; I am just afraid that the spring wind will blow the petals down.

Today is the Tomb Sweeping Day, and the weather is suitable for going out; just enjoy it and keep the way home in mind.

About the poem: This poem is about the Tomb Sweeping Day, but it focuses on the clear and sunny weather of the spring, during which people are happy to go out. The poem expresses a light, cheerful mood.

Source: baike.baidu.com

Translated by Jiang Yilingzi

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