Imperial sacrificial rituals will resume in Ritan Park  


It is reported that rituals to worship the sun in ancient China will be resumed in Ritan Park during the Spring Equinox period. By that time, the imperial ceremony will resumed at the Temple of Heaven, Ditan Park, Ritan Park and Yuetan Park in Beijing.

“The Spring Equinox” folk art festival will be held from March 19th to March 21st in Chaoyang District. Unlike in previous years, this year there will be two sacrificial rituals on March 20th and March 21st.

Zhang Xinyuan, deputy director of the Cultural Centre of Chaoyang District, told one reporter that in ancient China, emperors of different dynasties all attached great importance to making ritual sacrifices to the sun. This traditional feast gradually disappeared after Qing Dynasty.

It is said that the ritual will basically follow that of the Qing Dynasty; musical instruments, costumes and props characteristic of the Qing dynasty will be chosen. “In the old days of feudal dynasties, common folk were not allowed to watch imperial ritual ceremony,” Yuan said. There will be two ritual ceremonies, one from 9:30 to 10:30am, on March 20th, and one from 10:20 to 11:20am on March 21st.

Zhang Xinyuan added: “In the Temple of Heaven and Ditan Park, imperial sacrificial rituals were held during the Spring Festival; but they chose the Spring Equinox, which can better follow the traditions of ancient China.” The staff has made great preparations for music, dance, ceremonial performances, costumes, musical instruments and props for the ritual ceremony. Experts estimated that the ceremony in Ritan Park is the most original among all the parks in Beijing, which has resumed the imperial sacrificial ritual.

The park has prepared 480 free tickets to each ceremony for community residents. Audiences can watch ancient Chinese ritual dances by tickets. Those who didn’t get tickets can also watch the live show on the big screens outside the south gate of Ritan Park.


Translated by Jiang Yilingzi

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