Microsoft Level 1 Billion Pixel Digital Camera System Used for Arts

'Flying number' in Microsoft Research Asia, one billion-pixel digital camera prototype based on the complex for the Dunhuang Mogao caves and after a second R & D results it can produce resolutions up to 1.3 billion pixels high quality images, the contrast is higher than 1:3,000,000, mainly for high-precision digital preservation. The camera system consists of software and hardware components. This combination of hardware and software configuration, so that the 'flying number' through its own software to enhance hardware advantage in improving cost, while also reducing the shot more difficult. greatly increased the efficiency of shooting inside the cave paintings, to meet on shrines, murals and other artifacts of color, geometric details and other high-precision data acquisition requirements.

It is understood that the shrines of the shooting is not simply take a picture because of the unique structure of shrines and decorative forms, if only by a plane to shoot, clear the depth of field is very small, not all will lead to a clear image shrines. 'Flying number 'one billion pixel digital camera system can capture high-precision high-resolution three-dimensional details to be the subject when shooting with a complex depth of field changes in the slope Phi, and the roof and shrines, the' Flying number 'to automatically calculate the depth of field, sub- shot the same scene but the focus of multiple different images, and then all image synthesis, so that the same scenario every statue, every show at the murals are the focus of a clear image, which shows the naked eye can easily see clearly the details, such as allows you to see the face of three meters from the Buddha's beard in the experimental cave for 45 shooting for the 'Flying No(Favorites News' full-time shooting a certain depth of field to verify the possibility of shrines.

Digital Dunhuang Research Institute Center for Renwu Jian said: 'The large format, high definition, the focus automatically synthesized. Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes, which pre-shoot digital files is a breakthrough, high-resolution shot of the past can not be turned into shrines make a digital archive of cave painting plastic to achieve a complete unified space, while 'flying No.' work can all shoot in the traditional lighting conditions, it's pitch shot features the flexibility to meet the requirements of the caves due to still testing phase, color reproduction to be improved. '

It is understood that 'flying number' system is also substantially reduce the workload of the Dunhuang Research Institute of Cultural Relics workers using 'flying number' one billion pixel digital camera system can be completed in just a few hours of a medium-sized shrines collection work, and to complete a mural collection operation requires only ten minutes.

At the donation ceremony, Fan Jinshi Dunhuang Research Institute, said: 'In respect to history, to reproduce the true history of the principle, Microsoft Research Asia, continue to carry out digital preservation and the work of other research institutions, technology services Yu efforts to culture Heritage, hopes Microsoft's core technology, the traditional Chinese art digital technology, the most cutting-edge computer technology for the heritage, culture, history, archeology and other aspects of the protection which, to the double height of technology and culture, we will fully the efficacy of this device to play, and hope to further strengthen the cooperation with Microsoft Research Asia, with the help of Microsoft technology, the digitization of cultural heritage in the collection and display more results, in order to solve the cultural heritage protection and open the problem. '

Microsoft Research Asia, Dr. Hon said: 'Microsoft Research Asia has been concerned about and committed to using innovative computing technology to help solve major social problems, and academic research cooperation is our long-term commitment and we believe that cutting-edge scientific and technological research to blend with the ancient culture and make art in thousands of years of human life is still possible and we look forward to more in-depth with the Dunhuang Academy's long-term and extensive cooperation, make a useful contribution to society. '

World cultural heritage is the common wealth of mankind in recent years, the world cultural and natural heritage are subjected to the threat of sabotage, protection of world heritage more and more widespread attention. In working with Microsoft Research Asia information to change human life, but also want to use technology to take on the responsibility as a corporate citizen .2008, Microsoft Research Asia, officially launched the 'digitization of cultural heritage (eHeritage)' theme of research projects.

According to reports, the study aims to Microsoft's graphics and video, digital media, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, network communications, human-computer interaction and other cutting-edge research in computing technology and the cultural, historical, archaeological and other aspects of protection, heritage preservation and the same time, the program hopes to technical and financial support, the government, the private sector and all relevant institutions to attract up to cultural heritage protection in this class, so that more people involved in the cause of heritage preservation and education up .

Currently, the partnership is to push, according to Lou, director of the Dunhuang Academy exhibition, and Jie Xu Yingqing Lead Researcher Microsoft Research Asia, said the two sides are displayed on the aspects of in-depth cooperation in the near future, at the Dunhuang Academy's museum in Perhaps visitors can not only see the 3D effect of the 'digital Mogao Grottoes', also can be 'flying' to do interactive game playing the guitar.

Editor: Liu Xiongfei