Second Qingdao Beer Festival  

During the “2010 Beijing special business street summer holiday” activity, the Fangzhuang special food street started “the Second Qingdao Beer Festival” on the night of July 15th.

In the one-month activity, the restaurants in Fangzhuang, including Quanjude, Jindingxuan, Douyichu, and Shunfenglou will introduce a series of sale activities. On the day of the Start of Autumn, the restaurants will also introduce the “Welcoming the Start of Autumn, eating more” activity. The beer festival activity also provides a good place for people to avoid the summer heat.

In addition, the activities will promote the “green consumption” idea; every shop will set a number of promoters to advise the guests to order properly in amount, taking the uneaten food home and decreasing the wasted food.

Source: Thousand-dragon Website

Translated by Yang Yi

Editor: Wen Yi

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