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Renovation finishes on China's wooden pavilion

2014-11-14 13:47:54



Photo shows Feiyun pavilion after renovation. [Photo/Xinhua]

Renovation on an ancient wooden pavilion has recently finished in Wanrong county of North China's Shanxi province, local authorities said Thursday.

Feiyun pavilion was in bad repair for many years. Some of its pillars have subsided, its wooden components have impaired, and its main body began leaning for several years.

The renovation of the five-story Feiyun Pavilion took three years since 2011 and cost about five million yuan, according to Wanrong cultural heritage bureau.

"Currently, the renovation of Feiyun pavilion has completed, and it will officially open to the public the next year after we finish improvement on the surrounding facilities. By then, tourists can see the splendid view of the pavilion by themselves," Wang Quan, director of Wanrong Tourist Administration, told Xinhua.

The main body of Feiyun pavilion was constructed during the Zhengde period of Ming dynasty (1506-1521), with a height of 23.19 meters. The pavilion was in artful design and exquisite decorations, featuring of traditional Chinese architect characteristics.

Feiyun Pavilion enjoys equal reputation of the world highest wooden pagoda, Yingxian wood pagoda in Shouzhou city of Shanxi. Both of them were listed as national level protected cultural relics.

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