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Dough Figurine Lang

These Fuwa dough figurines are made by a 13-year-old boy. His name is Lang Jiaziyu, and he comes from a family in Beijing that is famous for making dough figurines.

The boy has produced five Olympic mascots to show his love for the Games.

"Lots of people like Fuwa because they are the symbols for the Beijing Games. I know how to make dough figurines and I want to show my support by making the five Fuwa.

I started to learn making dough figurines when I was 5 years old. My daddy taught me a lot."

Lang Zhichun, father of young Lang, is a member of the China Artists Association and he is the second generation of the Lang family known for its of Dough Figurines.

"My son liked watching me making dough figurines when he was young. You know, it was hard for a little kid to focus on something for a long time but he stood there and concentrated on my hands."

Dough Figurines are Chinese traditional art form and is commonly known as sticky rice flour toys.

It is made from flour used for cooking and baking, and the art form is popular. Local Beijingers like to make the Figurines a lot, and they often use them to decorate the home and for kids to play with.

“There are several big names in the circle of dough figurines. My father Lang Shao’an is one of them. He was good at making masks, armored characters and fighting soldiers.”

“The art form has been popular in my family for nearly one century and I started to develop my knowledge of it when I was 12 years old. My brothers and sisters all learnt the skill. I thought my father took it as his responsibility as well to pass on the skills to us. ”

"Iwant to devote my life to this career, to pass on the dough figurine skills to people around me. When I grow up, I hope I can spread this art form to the outside world. People can know that dough figurine is part of the brilliant Chinese tradition and they can know my country better."

"One world one dream"

"Welcome to China !"

Editor: Dong Jirong

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