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'Long Night' falls in Beijing

2014-12-29 13:43:51



The National Theatre of China is celebrating its 13th anniversary with the original play of 'Long Night.' Directed by Zha Mingzhe, it tells a touching story of migrant workers in China.

The "Long Night" unfolds in the outskirts of a northern city. A group of migrant workers come to the big city to make a living. Fast forward time, and some of them find jobs as building contractors, as fortune tellers, chefs, and servants. On a cold night, Hu Zi, is released from jail. The group of friends gather at an old building, where a secret that had been hidden for years is unveiled.

"All the characters have one thing in common, which is the courage to discover human flaws in their soul, to cut it out and show it to people. Then they can start anew," said actor Liu Wei.

Tao Hong plays the owner of the restaurant at the gathering and reveals the secret herself in the end. After the twists and turns in the plot, the group of friends return to the table, and regain trust for each other.

"Everyone would believe this is something that can happen in real life. So if anyone is facing the same scenario, would you have the courage to do the right thing?" said actress Tao Hong.

According to the director, "Long Night" reflects the thoughts and feelings of migrant workers, who contribute a lot to China's rapid economic development.

"Although the story is around the migrant workers, I think in a broader sense, it is about everyone in China. There is something universal about the character," said director Zha Mingzhe.

The play will be staged until January 3rd.

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