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Exhibition Week for New Year customs opens in Beijing

2014-01-23 16:06:07



The Exhibition Week of Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritage for New Year Customs, from the Ministry of Culture and China Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Center, and organized by Beijing Shijingshan District Party Committee and Government opened on Jan. 19 at the Beijing Shijingshan Gymnasium. Dong Wei, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Culture attended the opening ceremony. Exhibition Week will run through Jan 26.

The event’s exhibition hall consists of 8 showcase themes such as “Preface”, “Draw the spring with Chinese ink and wash painting”, “Lanterns and decorations”, “Traditional dancing”, “Auspicious sculpture”, “Bright future”, “Turning lead into gold”, “Tastes good”, and displays nearly 80 Intangible Cultural Heritage programs closely related to the Chinese traditional festival culture in the category of traditional painting and skills such as paper-cutting, New Year’s painting, festival lanterns, kites, dough modeling, sachets, brocades, pottery, lacquer ware, tea-making and so on. Over 80 representatives such as Lang Zhili, Wu Yuanxin and Gao Fenglian performed their delicate craftsmanship at the exhibition’s opening.

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