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Geneva Grand Theater Ballet Giselle

2013-11-07 11:23:31

(China Today)


Date: November 8-9

Place: National Center for Performance Art

Price: RMB 600/500/450/400/350/220/100

Giselle is the tragic story of the beautiful peasant girl Giselle. She dies of a broken heart upon discovering that her lover is not the humble villager Loys but Albrecht, a nobleman who is promised to another woman. But her love for Albrecht lives on to save him from the Wilis – the spirits of women whose lovers have betrayed them that haunt the forest. French composer Adolphe Adam wrote the music for the ballet in 1841.

Giselle is regarded as the touchstone of modern ballet. The Geneva Grand Theater production is the brainchild of Swedish choreography and director Pontus Lidberg. Its underlying theme is that, despite the fragility of myth, love is a force to be reckoned with. Lidberg’s Giselle in a contemporary setting illustrates this with a narrative that ranges from the realistic to the fantastic.

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