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NCPA Production - The Marriage of Figaro

2013-09-26 10:01:23

(China Today)


Date: August 15-18

Place: National Center for Performance Art

Price: VIP/RMB 580/500/420/300/180

The Marriage of Figaro, based on the play of the same title by Pierre Beaumarchais, a distinguished playwright of the French enlightenment era, is one of Mozart’s most famous operas. The premiere took place on May 1, 1786 in Vienna. Owing to its politically subversive content, Mozart had been forced to revise the play. The Marriage of Figaro is brisk and humorous with a vivid plot. It shaped public events in Beaumarchais’ native France that culminated in the French Revolution. Many arias are household classics. The NCPA production debuts on August 15, 2013. Director Jose Luis Castro grew up in Siviglia, where the plot unfolds, and has a deep understanding of the local history and culture. He rid the play of all its connotations of power and politics and chose love as the sole theme.