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NCPA Grand New Epic Peking Opera 'Red Cliff'




The story of Fire Assaults on Multiple Camps, the heroes and stories of that specific historical period... as the first original Peking opera creation of the National Centre for the Performing Arts, the grand epic Peking Opera Red Cliff is titled a 'surprising, tasteful and thought-provoking' work on the stage of Peking Opera.

Peking Opera Red Cliff features concise and condensed plot, melodious aria and lingering aftertaste. It consists of 6 classical plots: Raising Troops from Tongque, Debates Eloquently Debating against a Hall of Learned Lords, Setting up Alliance and Deciding the Tactics, Borrowing Arrows on the Boat, Preparing for the Battle and Borrowing the East Wind,and Burning the Red Cliff, making the whole story more 'attractive'. Another highlight of this opera is the exquisite, melodious and meaningful aria full of aftertaste.



In the winter of the 13th Jian'an year under the reign of Emperor Xian of the Han Dynasty, Cao Cao leads 830,000 land force of navy soldiers invading the Kingdom. Hearing this information, officials of the Wu are all in panic, either claiming battling or surrendering, and the King Sun Quan hesitates in making a decision.

Zhuge Liang debates eloquently against a hall of learned lords and states the advantages and disadvantages. Zhou Yu is confident with his strategies and explained the odds. The beauty Xiao Qiao is willing to sacrifice herself to save the kingdom…With efforts from all sides, Sun Quan finally decided to set up the Sun-Liu Alliance to defend the mighty energy.

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