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Wind of Colorful Guizhou Blows into Oceania- "Charms of China" lands in Australia and New Zealand again


From Feb 19 to March 3 2012, "Charms of China” produced by the China Arts & Entertainment Group will bring the large ethnic dance performance Wind of Colorful Guizhou to audiences in Australia and New Zealand. Audiences can have a close feeling about the mysterious and gorgeous national folk culture. This is Charms of China’s second appearance in Oceania after Tianjin Youth Peking Opera Troupe’s tour in 2011.

Wind of Colorful Guizhou of Southwest Trilogy


Wind of Colorful Guizhou, Dynamic Yunnan and Impression Liu Sanjie are known as the southwest trilogy. From the first show in 2005, this ethnic dance performance has amassed over 1,700 shows and over 1 million audiences have watched the performance.

Wind of Colorful Guizhou considers abundant regional culture and ethnic customs as the core and source of creation and shows Guizhou and Hunan’s folk culture art by ways of acting and performing. This show constructs a magnificent and original artistic imagery to unfold the beautiful landscape of Guizhou panoramically.

As a high-level ethnic dance performance, Wind of Colorful Guizhou became the opening performance of the Meeting in Beijing Arts Festival, which is the biggest spring art festival in Asia. It has participated in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Culture Performance, the tribute performance of the 60th anniversary of the founding of the PRC and Guizhou promotion weeks of the 2010 Shanghai World Expo.

Except for the tour in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Shenzhen and 28 other big or media-sized cities in China, Wind of Colorful Guizhou has been abroad to the USA, Canada, Russia, England, India, Korea and Malaysia. Because of its outstanding achievements, this performance was awarded as an excellent export cultural product and service item by the Ministry of Culture.

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