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Iconic treasures from museums across China

2014-08-25 13:57:04



There are numerous treasures in museums across China. Each museum has its top treasure. Here we list a few of the most precious pieces among China's museums.

Square Zun with Four Sheep in the National Museum of China. Used for rituals in late Shang Dynasty (between 11th-17th centuries BC), it was excavated from a hillside in Hunan province in 1938. It is renowned as the best example of bronze-making in Chinese history.

Simuwu Quadrate Vessel in the National Museum of China. It's the largest and heaviest bronze vessel found to date and is honored as a national treasure.

Along the River DuringQingming Festival(Qingming Shanghe Tu) in thePalace Museum. As one of China's top 10paintings, it is the only masterpiece of Zhang Zeduan, painter during the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127), and it is listed as a national treasure.[Photo/]


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