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Yangguan Museum

2014-05-29 16:06:45



At the beginning, to facilitate the readers’ understanding on the importance of Yangguan in China’s culture and history, it is superiorly necessary to introduce Yangguan in brief in order to justify the reasons why we serve this museum information to the travelers of Gansu and show its splendid historical and cultural influence in Chinese abstract and deep ideological and philosophical world.

Yangguan, also known as Yang Pass(阳关),firstly constructed in the reign of Emperor Wudi in West Han Dynasty, was an important pass or road on the route of Silk Road and also an important place for Sino-west communication. Yangguan in China’s literature and culture history is an unavoidable cultural term or classic poetic image that traditionally borrowed by learners and writers frequently from generation to generation to express a certain fixed affection or mood when they said goodbye to their relatives or bosom friends. Such an idiom-style term was initially from the poem named See Yuan’er(元二)off to Anxi created by Wang Wei(王维), a classic and first-rate poem of Tang Dynasty and one of the famous prime ministers of high time of Tang Dynasty and he was historically crowned as Buddha of Poem in Chinese literature history because he was an excellent Buddhism researcher and believer as well as the top-class painter of Chinese traditional painting. This is a poem fantastically and sentimentally illustrated a classic image that frequently appeared in many poems written by many poets in later generations and the sentiments when he said goodbye to his friend who would go to act as an office in different region.

Yangguan Museum is a famous tourist attraction on silk road in China

Detailed information hereinbefore is for explaining the importance and significance of Yangguan Museum. Yangguan takes an advantage of its natural and cultural landscape as well as plenty of cultural and historical heritages. Yangguan museum located at the Yangguan Cultural Relics Tourist Area of Nanhu Village in Dunhuang Gansu province is a modernized and new-pattern museum integrated with museum, cultural relic protection and research as well as the tourist attraction. In 2003, Yangguan Museum was opened.

This museum covers nearly 100,000 square meters and is generally comprised of many Han Dynasty’s architectural-style buildings. The total building area is 16,000 square meters. In museum, travelers can see the Yangguan Ancient Street, Troop Camp, Fabricated Yang Pass, Jiaowei Mansion(Troop Leader Mansion) and the Statue of Wang Wei. Additionally, the large-scale Bronze-Made Image of Zhang Qian(the opener of silk road in Han Dynasty), fresco themed with Friendship of Silk Road and basso-relievo masterpiece named Campaign Image and so on are available. The highlighted two themed exhibitions are Display of Double Passes of Han Dynasty and Display of Silk Road. Both of them systematically exhibit the historical appearance of Yang Pass and Yumeng Pass, two parts of ancient great wall, as well as the true feature of the Silk Road.

Transportation: go to Yang Pass via taking a car
Opening time: 7:00-19:00