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Wuju opera: performance for everyone

2013-09-06 14:16:18



A behind the scenes look at a play in a Zhejiang village with five characters waiting to perfrom in April 2012. The strong contrast of the colorful costumes of Wuju opera meets the preferences and taste of the rural people from the region. [Photo from Chinese Heritage]

Wuju opera is the combination of six famous opera tune patterns - the high-pitched tune, kun opera tune, luantan tune, Anhui opera tune, tanhuang tune and shi tune, most of which formed the foundation of Peking opera when the famous four Anhui opera troupes came to Beijing 200 years ago. Peking opera master Mei Lanfang once praised it as “the genuine Huiju opera and the father of Peking opera.”

Wuju opera consists of exaggerated and intense movements. In the past, the costumes for Wuju opera did not have sleeves, so the performers paid more attention on finger poses and figures. Moreover, many aerobatic maneuvers have been absorbed into Wuju opera, such as face-changing, rolling lamps and teeth play.

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