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The Unique Beauty of Zisha Teapots


Natural Type Teapots

Natural type teapots are based on natural shapes, named “flower ship” or “plastic device”. They are divided into trees, fruits and animals.


Natural type teapots have various shapes, and ingenious crafts. During the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1645-1910) dynasties, natural type teapots paid great attention to an exquisite whole pattern as well as the details.

Lines Teapots


Lines teapots put the main modeling its edges. It divides natural melon edges, flower edges and cloud water veins into several parts, putting vivid and fluent lines into accurate and strict designs to get a perfect whole pot. The lines change with different shapes to make the veins clear.

Classical Teapots

Classical teapots are pots which use ancient household utensils for its shape.


Ancient household utensils are the crystallization of human civilization in past dynasties. Classical teapots show the heritage of human civilization and culture. Many famous teapot makers through history were fond of classical teapots, so we can see the influence from ancient cultural heritage to creation.

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